(EN) Carlos Ramírez de la Concepción "ZORROMONO" (Nalda 1987) is a Visual Artist, who trained at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja (Esdir) in illustration and later in graphic design, in 2015 he took a year of interactive design and multimedia at ESAD Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal. Since 2016 he has developed his career as a professional investigating transversally the limits of space through drawing, traditional printing, large format painting, sculpture and new technologies, making exhibitions and installations for spaces such as Sala Amós Salvador (group exhibition Los días más hermosos, Logroño), Tabacalera Promoción del arte en Madrid (installation Sacrificio a los nuevos dioses, Tabacalera cantera residency programme) or Espacio Arte VACA (solo exhibition Fragmentos Rituales, Viniegra de Abajo). In parallel, he collaborates in social projects related to rural development, culture and alternative and solidarity economy.



(EN) I understand the artistic process (research and plastic exercises) as a living being with free will that guides you with strength, expanding in time and space, to expand and slow it down. Without knowing exactly where it is going to take you, always open, in constant mutation. A living being with its own entity that is nourished by its surroundings. At times it can be dark and nihilistic, confronting us face to face and unarmed with a monstrous, unsustainable economic and social system that throws us into an infinite abyss as black as oil. At other times it can shed some light to theorise about a more sustainable present that can be born from the rural world, direct action to combat emergency eco-association from citizen participation, the care of people and the protection of our territory.

This drive to think critically through aesthetics comes from below, from the land, from the social movement. I am lucky to have been born in a resilient village formed by a caring community, which cares for and protects its people, landscape and cultural and environmental heritage. This has laid some of the foundations of the person I am now, strongly rooted in my identity and the way I face life and art, always dreamy, utopian, full of energy and eager to share.


2021. Camprovín Arte. Camprovín. La Rioja.
2018. Tabacalera cantera. Tabacalera promoción del arte. Madrid.

2017. La Lonja Galería, Logroño.
2016. Grado diseño gráfico. Esdir. Logroño
2015. Diseño gráfico y multimedia. ESAD, Oporto
2008. Técnico superior de artes plásticas y diseño ilustración. Esdir. Logroño.



2021. FRAGMENTOS RITUALES. Espacio Arte VACA. Viniegra de Abajo.
2017. UN MUNDO FELIZ, La Lonja Galería, Logroño.


GROUP SHOWS (selection)

2021. Camprovín Arte. La Rioja
2020. The Sinister Figures. Videojuego

2020. Open Itinera. País Vasco 
2019. Exposición. XII Premio inter. Grabado Vivanco
2018. Tabacalera cantera. Tabacalera. Madrid.
2018. Historias de papel, Centro de Artes Plásticas. Gran Canaria.
2017. Art JAÉN, Patio central del Palacio de Villardompardo, Jaén.
2017. Metropol Opening Art, Sevilla.
2016. Los Días Más HERMOSOS. Sala Amós Salvador. Logroño.


AWARDS (selection)

2019. Programa de profesionalización. XXXV Muestra de Arte Joven en La Rioja
2019. Open porfolio. Feria internacional de grabado. Bilbao
2019. Primer premio XII Premio Internacional de Grabado Vivanco.
2018. ​“Tabacalera cantera” Tabacalera promoción del arte. Madrid.


2021 - Abierto.    El Invernadero. Proyecto piloto de educación. Museo WÜRTH, La Rioja
2018 - Abierto.    Espaciocomun. Laboratorio de creación artística. Cooperativa agrícola de Nalda.
2018 - Abierto.    Equipo de innovación Micorrizas. Asociación El Colletero.
2019.    Economía solidaria una herramienta contra la despoblación. REAS Rioja.
2013 - 2015.    Aumento de masa forestal y sumideros de carbono. Asociación PANAL